Bandi Shreyas replies to video of Abhishek Kar

Bandi shreyas made a long video in hindi to make people understand that Abhishek Kar is big time fraud

bandi shreyas reply to abhishek kar
bandi shreyas reply to abhishek kar

Bandi Shreyas recorded a video in hindi because he got a feedback that major percentage of Abhishek kar's viewer are from Hindi background.

Following the controversy of Ghanshyam Tech people on twitter started asking about P&L of all finfluencer, they reached to Vivek Bajaj asking the P&L of all the guest of F2F series, famous names in this list was Abhishek Kar, who was on the target list of Bandi Shreyas since ages.

Respecting the demand of retailers Mr Bajaj asked for Abhishek Kar's statement. Afterthat abhishek kar tweeted that he has shown live P&L to Mr Bajaj and SPOC of a digital blogger, which he later deleted because one of his student showed his ITR.

Then began the next level game, after Bandi Shreyas uploaded a video on his twitter handle exposing the lies of abhishek kar, everybody understood it. Kar replied on the video of Shreyas which authenticated that this in reality is the ITR of Kar.

Here first he accept that this is indeed his ITR and told that he is a trainer first then comes other things. Later he tweeted denying that anybody can edit a pdf and this is not at all his ITR, to which Mr Shreyas told that he has freind on record that this is actually his ITR.

This blog will not be sufficeint to explain the fantastic video made by Mr Shreyas. Hats off to him. Following is the link. Kindly watch it completly.